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Clients receive immediate and knowledgeble response regarding their computing needs on Cape Cod from our office in Brewster, Massachusetts.  We can order the systems you may need and install, repair, recover and restore computer systems.  We are not distracted by selling other unrelated merchandise nor do we carry inventories that fast become out-dated.  We order direct and have long-standing accounts at first-tier distribution centers.

We have over 30 years experience in training, supporting and advising our clients with personal, business and governmental accounting systems, bulk-mailings, databases conversions, photo applications, word processing, spreadsheet, and email issues to name just a few.  We explain what we do in a simple understandable non-technical manner.  We understand your data is important.  Client systems are treated in a secure and confidential manner to comply with Federal and Commonwealth of Massachusetts laws in the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Request an appointment by calling 508-896-6343.

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Contact Information

Avery Associates
83 Snow Road
Brewster, MA 02631

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